Let’s face it; everyone has sexual fantasies.

Whether it’s group sex, role-playing or hiring an escort service, it’s only natural to fantasize in your sex life.  

The good news? 

The most common sexual fantasies aren’t only fun and exciting, but they can also be healthy and rewarding to your sex life. Fulfilling these fantasies is a great way to ignite a spark in your relationship and rediscover your inner sexuality. 

So, what are the most common sexual fantasies today? We’re shining a light on the most popular sexual fantasies and how you can fulfill them today. Go on; it’s time to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing in the bedroom.  

1. Taboo Sex

At the end of the day, what are your innermost desires? 

Taboo sex is a sexual fantasy is that most people have trouble admitting to. It’s classified as anything that may not be seen as normal or would make us appear strange.

This might include anything from the inclusion to feet to the encouragement of bodily fluids. Generally speaking, anything that may turn heads will fit the bill for taboo sex. 

Unfortunately for some, these fantasies can be challenging to fulfill. This is due to the fact that not everyone feels comfortable voicing such forbidden urges. If you have a sexual partner whom you trust, try mentioning these desires. 

In understanding this desire, your partner could be willing to fulfill this fantasy for you. 

2. Dominant Sex 

Let’s face it, sometimes soft and romantic sex just doesn’t fit the bill. 

If you’ve been fantasizing about dominatrix-style sex, you’re certainly not alone in that desire. In fact, one study found that 65 percent of women have a desire to feel dominated during sex. 

In most cases, dominant sex will explore instances of power, control, and rough sex. It can also include anything from whips and chains to masks and leather. 

If you’ve been dreaming about dominant sex but hesitant to voice your desires, try starting small. You can do this by introducing actions such as spanking and exchanges of power with your partner. From here, you can slowly proceed toward a point where both parties feel comfortable and fulfilled. 

3. Role-Playing Sex

It’s hard to imagine the most common sexual fantasies without mentioning role-playing. 

After all, role-playing is sure to be one of the most popular sexual fantasies today. When acting in a role outside of your own, it’s only natural to feel more comfortable voicing your innermost desires. 

When it comes to role-playing, don’t be afraid to discuss the sexual fantasies you keep hidden. If you’re feeling shy, you can pretend that you had a dream that ignited such a role-playing consideration.

To start, begin with something simple and uncompromising such as teacher and student or a doctor and patient. While it may be intimidating at first, you’ll slowly begin to feel more comfortable and find yourself becoming more sexually stimulated. 

As you gain confidence, you can opt for more detailed and less common role-playing fantasies. 

4. Multi-Partner Sex 

It’s safe to say that multi-partner sex is one of the most common sexual fantasies across the globe. In fact, 82% of men and 31% of women report the desire to engage in multi-person sex

Of course, multi-partner sex can include anything from threesomes, orgies, and gangbangs. When more than two people are engaging sexually, this is classified as multi-partner sex. 

So, how can you make this common dream a reality? 

If you have a partner, try entertaining this idea with her. If she’s comfortable, you can begin to determine a third partner that both parties feel comfortable with.

If you’re single, rest assured that this fantasy is still very attainable. If it doesn’t happen organically, don’t hesitate to search for reputable services online. In today’s day and age, there are plenty of respectful services that offer multi-partner sex fantasies. 

5. An Escort Experience 

Do you privately lust after hiring an escort

At the end of the day, there should be nothing bashful about utilizing an escort service. In fact, escort services are perfect for satisfying your innermost sexual fantasies and fueling your sexual passions. 

With such a vast selection of services, an escort service can be catered to both singles and couples alike. Whether you’d like to satisfy your desire for group sex or you’d like to enjoy the girlfriend experience, rest assured that there are several services available for you. 

An escort service is sure to provide you with a sexual experience that you’ll never soon forget. 

6. Make-Belief Stranger Sex 

For those in long-term relationships, it’s only natural to fantasize about having sex with a stranger. After so many years of commitment and togetherness, the desire to engage sexually with someone you don’t know is relatively common. 

With this, many romantic partners will choose to fulfill this desire with make-believe stranger sex. This entails meeting with your partner and pretending to be perfect strangers. 

How can you and your partner make this a reality? 

Try arranging a time to meet at a bar or restaurant. Upon arrival, introduce yourself to one another as if you were strangers. This is sure to illuminate a spark of excitement that otherwise may be difficult to create. 

After a romantic dinner and drinks, it’s time to go home and rediscover one another sexually. It’s safe to say that the rush of meeting a “stranger” will add a new spark to your bedroom game. 

Today’s Most Common Sexual Fantasies 

At the end of the day, sexual fantasies are a normal and healthy aspect of our sex life. 

Whether you’re dreaming of group sex, make-belief stranger sex, or exerting dominance, rest assured these are all common sexual fantasies. When it comes to your own innermost desires, it’s important to remind yourself that these urges are entirely normal. 

So, what can you do to fulfill your own sexual fantasies?  

Don’t hesitate to voice these desires to a trusted sexual partner. If they’re comfortable, you can work towards bringing these fantasies to life. 

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