Having sexual urges is a normal part of our human anatomy, but for some of us, these sexual urges are stronger than they should be, and we might find that controlling them is an issue. If you’re here, we’re assuming that you’re looking for answers to how to control sexual urges?

Below you’re going to find some tried and true tips that will help you control your sex drive and not let it consume every part of your day.

Change Your Environment

Sometimes the reasons why you’re not able to control having persistent fantasies or your sex drive is the environment you’re in. If you find that your urges become stronger the more you’re in a specific area get out of the environment for a brief time.

For example, if sitting at home leads to increased masturbation, go for a walk or go to lunch with a friend. This is a way of redirecting your urge into something that’s not as sexual.

Give Yourself Some Time

When we recommend giving yourself some time, we mean setting aside time for your persistent sexual urges. Instead of letting it control every aspect of your day set aside a specific time to engage in sexual activity.

Instead, of masturbating for hours a day try to limit yourself to only an hour at the end of your day. In the beginning, it will be challenging, but by setting aside a specific time for your urges, it allows you the freedom you need to get other things in your day done.

Think About the Consequences

While sexual urges are healthy, there are times when it’s not healthy. For instance, engaging in intimacy outside of your marriage or doing so while you’re at work isn’t the best idea.

Before you act on these urges, think about the consequences that they will have. Do you want to lose your job? Do you want to risk losing your partner? If you remember these things, it can help you to keep your urges in check before they become overwhelmingly detrimental to your life.

Limit or Avoid Watching Porn

Watching porn is like going down a rabbit hole and struggling to get out. When watched in excess, it can cause you to form unreal expectations about the relationships that you hold in real life.

Not to mention it can desensitize the way you see and go about intimate moments. If you understand that you’ve got a problem controlling your sexual urges, watching porn will not be in your best interest.

How to Control Sexual Urges?

Various ways can help you answer the question of how to control sexual urges. One of the first ways to do this is to think about your urges’ consequences beforehand or set aside a specific time to act upon these urges.

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