Looking for some creative and fun ways to spice up the intimacy in your relationship? A great way to spice up yours is with some naughty things to do to your boyfriend. Fun and thrilling for both of you, we’ve put together a list of the best to help you spark up your sex life. Read on!

Mind Games

Playing with Temperature

What is temperature play you ask? The human body reacts in a way that releases many feel good hormones when exposed to temperatures in certain ways. That’s why in this first recommendation of naughty things to do to your boyfriend, we suggest using ice cubes, heated massage oils and towels to your advantage. 

Grab an ice cube and slide it gently over his skin. Try tracing patterns over more sensitive areas like the inner thighs.  And follow this up with some warming sensations, with the help of dripping and spreading massage oils or a warm towel over the area. This creates a nice feeling contrast for your boyfriend, who will be left wanting more than just ice cubes and massage oil.

Dirty Talk and Seductive Role Play 

Got some secret fantasies and situations that you’ve played out in your head? Tap into these imaginary scenarios you’ve already made and explore them with your partner by taking on different characters. Grab some costumes or sex toys to enhance this naughty thing to do to your boyfriend for maximum pleasure. Let your inhibitions run wild by whispering dirty desires and head into uncharted territory together on an adventure to hot sex like never before.

Strip Poker

More of an actual game rather than a mind game, we’ve thrown in strip poker because it’s a classic that is sure to send his sex drive over the limit. After he’s won a few hands and gotten you to show more skin, give him a lap dance with plenty of eye contact instead of stripping down further. 

A lap dance is also a great finale after you’ve stripped off all your clothes. This is then a great way to lead into oral sex for when you guys want to keep things going. 

Spicing Up the Bedroom

Have A Menage A Trois With An Escort

For those open to sexual experiences with people outside of your relationship, arranging a threesome with a professional escort is a great option. A unique experience with maximum sensuality, the extra person is a perfect way to spice things up and add another layer to your intimacy. Although intimate experiences are a common fantasy amongst many men, it’s best to ask your boyfriend for their approval first.

Introducing Light Bondage or Role Reversal

One of the other most naughty things to do to your boyfriend is to introduce some light bondage or role reversal into the bedroom. We recommend asking your boyfriend for consent first and establishing boundaries and safe words. With both of you open and agreeing to it, take turns playing in different dominance and submission roles, exploring the sensuality of power dynamics. 

Utilising Technology for Fun

Naughty Text Messages and Provocative Photos

Modern technology lets you do naughty things to your boyfriend, even when you’re physically apart. Send him a sexy text about some new sex moves or sex toys that you want to try out later in the day. You can also send him some example photos to help his imagination run wild. We do however recommend first researching some sex positions that both you and your partner are capable of pulling off. 

Video Calls and Cyber Play

Being away from your partner or engaging in a long distance relationship is challenging at the best of times. But technology is here to bridge the distance between you and your partner, keeping the flame alive. Regular video calls let you engage in intimate conversations, where you and your boyfriend can do some cyber play. Try out some sex toys that have app control and pleasure each other from afar, or try some role play through video.

Another naughty thing to do to your boyfriend over video call is to surprise him with new and enchanting lingerie. When choosing your lingerie, choose quality pieces that highlight and accentuate your best features to leave him breathless and wanting more. And to add extra atmosphere, set up a romantic scene in your living room or bedroom with candles and soft music.

Aphrodisiacs and Seductive Feasts

Preparing an Aphrodisiac-infused Meal

A light hearted naughty thing to do to your boyfriend is to make a surprise meal infused with aphrodisiac ingredients. Indulge into both your senses by incorporating foods like maca, saffron and pistachio nuts in your meal. Complete the occasion with a seductive ambiance using candles, romantic music, and rose petals spread over your dining table.

Body Painting and Edible Surprises

To go with your sensual meal, how about adding some sensual exploration with dessert foreplay? Try out edible body paints on sensitive parts of your body, or spread chocolate sauce or whipped cream on each other’s bodies to lick off. The sensations that both of you get licking and nibbling off the desserts will drive both of you crazy for more of one another.

Naughty Things to do to your Boyfriend Outside the Bedroom

Public Displays of Affection

You and your boyfriends’ daily routine don’t have to be average and boring. Public displays of affection, like holding hands or stealing kisses, are a great way to spice things up. We recommend taking it a step further with whispering naughty secrets into his ear and playfully touching him. This builds the desire in both of you and lets you explore your intimacy out in the public without getting too hot and steamy.

Ignite the Passion With Your Boyfriend Today

There’s a plethora of naughty things to do to your boyfriend that will spice up your relationship. From strip poker, a threesome with an escort, and even naughty video calls, you’ll never run out of sexy activities using our list. And if you’re looking to book an escort for you and your boyfriend, look no further than 181 Guildford West. Contact them today and book the sexiest and most professional girls in the industry for your sensual couples encounter.

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