Imagine being in bed with someone you find attractive. One minute you are playfully tickling each other, and the next moment your heart is racing, and you’re having trouble focusing.

Are you sick? No, you are a healthy human experiencing sexual arousal.

Have you ever wondered about the science of sexual excitement, how it differs between the genders, and how it leads to orgasms? If so, you are in the right place. 

Let’s talk about sex(ual arousal), baby.

The Science of Sexual Arousal

Sexual arousal occurs when a person anticipates sexual activity. It is both physical and emotional. It starts in the brain and can be triggered by erotic cues, like smells, sights, feelings, or thoughts. 

When aroused, a person may have trouble concentrating on anything but his or her desires.

When sexual stimuli activate changes in the brain, everything else becomes irrelevant. The brain will not be able to focus until the sexual stimulus stops or the body experiences an orgasm.

Sexual Arousal: The Difference Between the Genders

Both genders experience varying signs of sexual arousal, including:

  • Increase in heart rate and pulse
  • A rise in blood pressure
  • Flushed cheeks
  • Heavy breathing
  • Increased muscle tension

Sexual arousal can occur at any time, whether you are on a date, watching a sexy movie, or visiting a tantalizing brothel.

Men experience erections when they are sexually stimulated. The nerves send chemical messages to blood vessels in the penis for the arteries to relax. As they do, blood flow increases, veins close, and the pressure creates an erection.

Women experience swelling in the clitoris and labia when aroused. The sexual excitement increases blood supply to expand the vaginal opening and labia.

Women may also show signs of arousal in their breasts. The bosom may appear fuller, and the nipples often become erect. These are signs that a woman is excited and getting closer to achieving female orgasm.

What Triggers Arousal?

Both genders rely on physical and psychological cues to ignite their sex drive. 

Physical stimulation is the most common arousal method, although the sensation does not have to occur in the genitals. A soft touch or a kiss in a different erogenous zone can have the same effect. 

In fact, paying attention to frequently overlooked erogenous zones can send your partner into a sexual frenzy.

The next time you are in bed with someone, pay attention to your lover’s:

  • Sacrum (small of the back)
  • Navel and lower stomach region
  • Ears
  • Palms and fingertips
  • Scalp
  • Toes
  • Inner thighs

For men, in particular, visual stimuli can trigger arousal.

Psychologists have found that the majority of men find depictions of women aroused incredibly exciting. The woman might be gasping, moaning, or screaming. Whatever she is doing, she is conveying that she is electrified by sexual pleasure, which arouses males.

The significance that visuals play in sexual arousal explains why 63% of Australian men use pornography to stimulate sexual excitement.

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