Weighing up whether or not you should visit a brothel for an intimate adult experience? Brothels and brothel visits are taboo subjects for most. And speaking about it with friends and family is often uncomfortable and awkward. So in this article, we answer the question of should I go to a brothel, and discuss its benefits. Read on to find out!

Empowering Choices

should i go to a brothel

Step into an environment of sexual openness at a brothel

The most important thing to consider when answering the question of should I go to a brothel is that it gives freedom of choice. The legal sex industry gives consenting adults the power to power to make decisions for their intimate lives.

This comes in the form of giving you an environment to explore your sexual desires openly and without judgement. And in today’s society, discussions around sexuality are often still taboo. Brothels create a much-needed safe space to fulfil your physical needs with respect and understanding.

Safety and Regulation

should i go to a brothel

Sex workers at brothels get greater access to medical treatment for std’s

Another great answer to this question of should I go to a brothel is the increased levels of safety and regulation. Licenced and reputable brothels follow strict guidelines to protect both you as the customer and the sex workers providing their services. These guidelines and rules are enforced by local councils, with the same attitude as they would have with any other business. This enforcement of rules also includes actions to be taken to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, helping to stop them spreading to more people.

And if you’re in NSW, you get the enjoy legal brothels without the risk of getting in trouble with the law. The good times you’ll have inside a licenced and legal only get better without worrying about consequences from law enforcement. 

You can also rest assured that the prostitutes you’re hiring are looked after, with rules in place for their fair treatment too. The overall safety and regulations of a brothel make it a much better option than less legal alternatives, both for you and the sex worker.

Discretion and Privacy

should i go to a brothel

Brothels are located away from busy areas, allowing for better privacy

The discretion and privacy that comes with using a brothel is another reason that you should go to a brothel. As something that is a big concern for many people when hiring a prostitute at a brothel, reputable establishments keep a strict confidentiality policy to ensure ultimate discretion. You can go and visit with the peace of mind knowing that your identity and experiences within the brothel stay there, letting you explore your desires without judgement.  

And in NSW, brothels also follow a list of regulations as to where they are allowed to be situated in. These regulations mean that Brothels cannot be advertised, and are out of the way of most people. Because of this, they end up being in quieter areas with less people to see you go in and out. 

Professionalism and Expertise

Both men and women who work in brothels are experienced professionals when it comes to satisfying sexual needs. These pros have training in the art of pleasing and catering to a wide variety of preferences, creating a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience for you. And the focus is not only on physical intimacy, but also on creating emotional satisfaction and mutual respect. So mind blowing sex and emotional satisfaction are just another reason to say yes to the question of should I go to a brothel. 

Diverse Experiences and Exploration

should i go to a brothel

Explore sexual fantasies that you’ve always wanted to experience at a brothel

Getting the sexual experience you desire with a current or potential future partner is difficult for many people. But in a brothel, you get to explore a range of sexual fetishes. This is especially true for those that would be hard to ask for or that your partner is uncomfortable with. 

The safe and non-judgemental environment lets you choose someone that can fulfil your preferences and desires. What’s more, hiring a prostitute from a brothel can allow you to discover parts of your sexuality that you might not have explored before. This could then give you better confidence and self-awareness, or an experience that you could take home to a consenting partner. 

Reducing Loneliness and Isolation

In today’s world, loneliness is only on the rise, with many people feeling isolated and disconnected. Brothels are a great place to find some relief from this. They give you a space for human connection and intimacy without the expectations and complications that come with traditional relationships. The relaxed and accepting environment helps confidence and social skills, providing emotional support and companionship that reduce feelings of loneliness. 

Physical and Emotional Well-being

should i go to a brothel

Your body and mind gets a boost after having sex

Sex is not only great during the moment, but it also does wonders for your physical and mental health too. 

Stronger Immune System

Yes, having sex makes your body stronger and more resistant to viruses and illness. Having sex once or twice a week boosts the production of immunoglobulin, an antibody that fights viruses. 

Better Sleep

After achieving an orgasm, our body releases the hormone of oxytocin, promoting relaxation, stress relief, both leading to better sleep. And with better quality sleep, our physical and mental health also gets better.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Suffering from high blood pressure problems? You’re in luck, because having sex can actually reduce your blood pressure by relaxing the arteries in your body.

Education and Communication

should i go to a brothel

Brothels encourage you to be open about expressing your sexual preferences and desires

The final reason why we say yes to the question of should I go to a brothel is education and communication. Brothel establishments train their staff to have open communication with clients, and encourage clients to do the same with workers. This promotion of discussion for boundaries and desires lets you to learn about open communication of your needs and preferences. This leads to better intimacy sessions and experiences that you can take home to your personal life.

Should I go to a Brothel? Yes!

Increased safety, the option to explore your sexuality like never before, better health and a better sexual experience are all great answers to the question of should I go to a brothel. And for your next visit to a brothel, choose the friendly and experienced girls at 181 Guildford West. Located conveniently in Western Sydney, our premises provides you with a pleasurable and safe experience, even if you’re new to brothel visits. Contact us today and book your session!

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