We understand it can get a little awkward to set the mood with a new partner. Sometimes you don’t know what they’re into, or if what turns you on will turn them on.

That’s why we put together this ultimate guide so we can help you and your partner relax and have fun.

Keep reading to learn our five sure-fire seductive ways to set the mood with your partner.

1. Communicate

It’s always important to communicate with any partner you’re with. Ask them about their fantasies, and tell them yours, together you can live out each other’s fantasies.

It’s also important to communicate so both of you can set boundaries and safely have fun.

2. Bring Toys to Bed

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you don’t get to play with toys. There are a lot of toys available that will help you and your partner get into the right mood.

Try to get something that’s going to be easy for the two of you to use and enjoy so you’re not fumbling around during foreplay.

3. Light Candles and Light Touching

Light some candles and turn the overhead lights down. You can even get one of the sexy candles that let you use the hot wax on each other’s bodies. If you’re going to do this offer to give your partner a sexy massage. 

Both of you take off your clothes and use the candle’s hot wax when you’re ready to start taking things to the next level. Just remember to use candles that are meant to be poured on the skin. Nothing ruins the mood faster than actually being burned by wax.

4. Create a Sexy Songlist

You may be tempted to just put on the radio and not check the songs that are playing but please don’t do this. You don’t want to ruin the mood by having something like a kid’s song come on that’s going to take you out of the mood.

To properly set the mood, have the first couple of songs be a little slower, then have the songs pick up the pace. This will help you transition from fondling and touching to getting into it.

5. Wear Something Sexy

Putting on sexy lingerie is an easy way to turn your partner on without even touching them. It doesn’t have to be the traditional lingerie you’re used to seeing, either. Put on tight leather pants that leave nothing to the imagination. Get a few different outfits you can try and see what you feel the most comfortable with.

Set the Mood Like a Pro Today

Now that you know our five seductive ways to set the mood such as wearing something sexy, playing with toys, or lighting candles, find a partner today! Don’t restrict yourself to these ideas either, keep looking around our site for more ideas!

If you’re looking for a fun night out, give us a call! We’ll help you have a night of fun you’ll never forget.

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